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Hertfordshire Martial Arts, 122-128 Lancaster Road, Barnet, Hertfordshire, EN4 8AL.

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Gary Hoptroff

Gary Hoptroff is the Owner/Founder and Head instructor of Hertfordshire Martial arts.
He has been learning Martial Arts from a young age and has been teaching for 20+years.
Gary has instructorships under Guro Dan Innosanto, Guro Rick Faye and Guro David Onuma.

Emma Hoptroff

Emma has been training in martial arts for 15years and has instructorships under Guro Rick Faye and Head instructor Gary Hoptroff.
As a qualified primary school teacher Emma developed and teaches our Kids Tiger and White Belt program and support Gary with Juniors Classes.

Kevin Konyn

Kev has been Training at Hertfordshire Martial Arts since 2010. He is now on our Instructor Team and runs our beginner program as well as teaching some adult classes.
He has Instructorships under Guro Rick Faye and HMA Head instructor Guro Gary Hoptroff .

Jamie Sanderson

Jamie is a Tiger Instructor and Kickboxing Black belt since making his way through our Tiger & Junior program.
He supports the Tigers and White Belt classes.

Liam Patton

Liam is a Tiger Instructor and training to be an Adult instructor too! He has been training with us since early 2016.
He supports Tiger, White Belt and Junior classes.

Ryan Lipscomb

Ryan has been training at Hertfordshire Martial Arts since 1995. He is our most experienced Thai Boxing Instructor. He has Instructorships under Guro Rick Faye and HMA head instructor Guro Gary Hoptroff.

Craig New

Craig has been training at HMA since 2013 and is now on our Instructor Team. He is one of our Thai Boxing Instructors. He has an instructorship under HMA head Instructor Gary Hoptroff

Asher and Mike

Asher and Mike hold HMA Instructorships under Gary Hoptroff. They teach classes as and when cover is needed.

 Hertfordshire Martial Arts

Hertfordshire Martial Arts
122-128 Lancaster Road

  Telephone: 07957156741